Bathtub Reglazing from $399 & up

Bathtub Reglazing Refinishing Resurfacing, involves the application of a very durable coating to an existing surface. It is a great way to change the color of the tub, for example, pink color to white.


We use only the best materials available on the market. Our products have been thoroughly tested and meet the high standards needed to perform as expected on your bathroom for many years.

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Many New Jersey homes have only one bathroom, and if this bathroom was never updated, it probably won’t meet your needs. Our team can help you update the old bathroom, either with a partial or total renovation, it all depends on the condition of your bathroom or the budget you have. We give your old bathroom a perfect refresh, so that it looks like new. Rejuvenate your bathroom in style. Whether you are installing a new vanity, toilet, sink & faucet, lighting, cabinet or vanity, new paint, fixture upgrades, etc. We can help you with your project to renovate your bathroom and make it look beautiful!